Miki International will provide our services accurately, efficiently, and most cost-effectively. Please allow us to visit your office and explain in detail the services I provide. Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to discuss our future business.


It was invented by a man named Professor Jigoro Kano (ka'no) in the late 1800s (1882). As a boy, Prof. Kano was sickly, and his parents sent him to study with Jujitsu masters to make him stronger. Prof. Kano became an expert in this style of fighting. However...

Miki International
Please allow us to introduce our unique business - Miki International. We provide language and graphic design services, our company has over twenty-five years of international marketing and sales experience at your disposal. Miki International can provide you with a wide variety of language and design services to meet your marketing needs:
Translation of documents, marketing manuals, business letters, and legal certificates.
Interpretation for any language: international programs, seminars, and individual situations.
Design and production of catalogues, brochures, instruction manuals, and sales materials.
Distinctive business cards, greeting cards, and business stationary in any language.
Multimedia production: video dubbing, advertising, operating manuals for foreign language marketing.
Marketing research and business consulting.
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